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15 reasons for 3D printing drones

Stratnel supports several drone customers. We print complex parts in engineering plastics, provide fast turn arounds and assure consistency over large volumes

How to design fractals for 3DPrinting

Fractals are geometric patterns that repeat at different scales. They exhibit the property of “self-similarity”.

How to 3D print single and multi-colored backlit surfaces

There are several applications where a transparent or translucent part is needed and a backlight is used to highlight that part.

A starter guide on designing for additive manufacturing

Are additive manufacturing methods meant only for high end product companies like large aerospace, automotive or medical devices .

3D printing and the art of persuasion

3D printing can be useful when talking to a customer, vendor, student or as a concept proof.

7 situations where subtractive manufacturing edges out 3D printing

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the top 9 reasons to adopt 3D printing.

How to design parabolic, hyperbolic, elliptical reflectors for 3D printing

In this article, we show you how you can design parabolic reflectors from first principles with any CAD software.

Top 9 reasons to adopt 3D printing for manufacturing

Thousands of companies world over are deploying additive manufacturing processes through 3D printing services.

5 reasons why consumer 3D printing is going the way of the dodo

3D printing or Additive Manufacturing, as it is formally called, became hugely popular amongst hobbyists, enthusiasts & aficionados during the past 5 years.

How to save measurement time with custom 3D printed fixtures

Traditional fixture design, manufacturing, and assembly pieces and assembling them could be quite cumbersome and time consuming.

Would you buy a 3D printer today that doesn’t support the 3MF format?

3MF will take over from the STL format as the de facto 3D print design file format eventually.

Stratnel is exhibiting at the IFFE Expo 2021

We will be in Hall No. A at Booth No. 52. Come down to our booth to see the latest offerings we have.

Stratnel will be exhibiting Printers, 3D printed parts and other application info. Senior technical staff from Stratnel will be present at the booth. Do visit us at the show and bring your drawings, 3D models and parts to discuss with us on your 3D printing applications.

Stratnel has moved into a more spacious facility at Bangalore

01 April 2021 – Bangalore: Stratnel is pleased to announce that we have moved in to a spanking new facility at Mahadevapura, Bangalore. Our coordinates are given below:

Stratnel Technologies LLP
40/1, Srinivas Enclave, Goshala Road
Garudachar Palya, Mahadevapura
Bangalore 560048.
Phone: +91 80 4950 1550
Email: stratnel@stratnel.com
Web: https://stratnel.com

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