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STACKER Industrial Grade 3D Printers are purposefully built to move ideas from prototype to production. Stacker printers are famous for their trouble free, reliable and dependable printing. Stratnel has taken on parts which run for several days at a time. These printers can run unattended and produce good quality large parts. Stacker printers offer fast, reliable, and affordable 3D printing.

Stacker offers a wide range of printers for different requirements as below:

Stacker S4XL:

Stacker S4 Stacker S2Stacker F1Stacker F Box

The S4XL is the biggest printer that Stacker offers and comes with a print volume of 610mm3 . The main features of the printer are as below:

  • Huge Build Volume 610 x 610 x 610mm (24 x 24 x 24″)
  • Closed loop servos for ZERO lost steps
  • Four Print Heads enables 4X print speeds
  • Incorporates Four Combo Drive Extruders (print in either Bowden and Direct Drive configuration)
  • High Precision Linear Motion
  • Amazing Print Quality
  • Works with almost any Filament
  • Simplify3D® is included with every Stacker printer purchase (a $149.99 value!).
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Complete specifications and quote available on request.

Stacker S4:

Stacker S4XL Stacker S2Stacker F1Stacker F Box

The S4 is the workhorse of the Stacker family of products. It comes with 4 nozzles and is a dependable printer especially for very long print runs. Main features given below:

  • Print up to four parts at once – 4x print speeds
  • Group heads together for multi-material prints
  • Optimized for high tech composite filaments like carbon fiber
  • Nozzles offer fast reliable printing over wide range of materials
  • Heated print bed
  • Build area up to 345mm x 520mm
  • Print parts up to 650mm tall (25½”)
  • Integrated casters for mobile printing
  • Safe to use in any environment
  • Simplify3D® is included with every Stacker printer purchase (a $149.99 value!).
  • Industrial duty components
  • Made in USA

Complete specifications and quote available on request.

Stacker S2:

Stacker S4XL Stacker S4Stacker F1Stacker F Box

The S2 has 2 independently controlled print heads which are useful for simultaneous reverse prints. This is especially useful if you have paired parts that are laterally inverted – A typical example is the right hand side and left hand side of automobile parts. Simultaneous printing of such parts helps in improving lead time and reducing machine hour costs. Features of the S2 include:

  • Dual Independent Print Heads for 2X Print Speeds and Fast Tool Changes
  • Huge Build Volume
  • Amazing Print Quality
  • Works with almost any Filament
  • Simplify3D® is included with every Stacker printer purchase (a $149.99 value!).
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA

F-SERIES Model 1:

Stacker S4XL Stacker S4Stacker S2Stacker F Box

The F Series Model 1 is an industrial grade printer suitable for all kinds of applications. It is an especially good printer for you as a starting point, if you want to start in-house 3D printing. It comes with advanced safety features and is the most affordable industrial grade printer. Features of the F Series Model 1 are as follows:

  • T-Slot Accessory Rail: Use the upper rail to mount your tool caddy, webcam, filament spool holders, etc
  • Zero Maintenance V-Slot Wheels: ultra smooth, no noise linear motion
  • Quad-Gear Filament Drive: powerful and flex filament ready
  • Quick Change Hot Ends: swap nozzle sizes fast, all metal, 310C max temp
  • Hardened Steel Nozzle: a must for abrasive filaments
  • Dual Heater Blocks: faster and more even heat distribution for more even extrusion
  • Redundant Electrical Cut-Off Circuits: These special circuits guard against thermal run-away of the hot end, the most critical part in any 3d printers. Provides: an extra safeguard beyond the standard firmware protections (firmware alone is not enough!), a must for safer printing, uses dual PT100 temp sensors for even more reliability
  • Ultra Flat Print Bed: with auto bed leveling,a flat bed is key for proper fitting parts, bed leveling is, and should only be, for adjusting first layer heights to the particular bed surface
  • Print Bed: Cast aluminum precision ground, with a 300 watt silicone mat heater and “Level Once” bed levelers.
  • Carry Handle and LED Light Bar: comfortable grip and looks cool
  • Customizable Front Logo Plate: print your own in the color you like
  • Dual Z Screw Guards: keeps hands and hair safe
  • 600 Watt Industrial Grade PSU: PFC type for EU regulations, smoothes out A/C pulses, more efficient, quiet,safe, reliable. Artesyn model LCM600Q-N
  • Stacker Designed 32bit Electronics: faster printing, smoother and quieter operation, advanced safety features built-in
  • Wire free controller box: eliminates the potential for shorted wires and reduces heat and complexity
  • Genuine Molex Brand Glow Wire Electrical Connectors: Safest connectors on the market, oversized to easily handle the current loads.
  • Motor Drivers: ultra quiet type for smooth operation
  • High Resolution Stepper Motors: 2X more precision over standard motors
  • Ultra-Rigid Frame and Ganty: superior prints at a faster pace
  • Flexplate System with BuildTak PC and PEI Bed Surfaces: optional nylon surface also available
  • Viscoelastic Dampening System: reduces noise and vibration, better print quality, won’t mar your table top
  • Repetier Firmware: our custom version uses advanced motion planning and pressure balancing hot end controls to prevent over extrusion
  • Repetier Server Software (requires dedicated pc, linux embedded device, or Pi): the best way to control your printer from any web enabled device, webcam option, timelapse, and a host of other amazing features, enterprise ready, NO WIFI for increased security (you can add WIFI with a Pi, we strongly recommend ethernet)
  • Slicing software: One licence for Simplify3D, powerful and highly accurate slicing, multiple process feature, fantastic multi material print capabilities and the industry standard for generating support structures that break away cleanly. (may not be included at all price bundle levels)
  • 285x285x285 mm Print Size: huge prints from desk-sized printer
  • Compact Frame: fits on your desk
  • Filament Spool Location: Multiple mounts available for front, top, rear mounting
  • F-BOX Compatible: Mounts in multiple locations
  • Made in the USA

Detailed specifications and quote available on request.

F-BOX (Filament Dry Box):

Stacker S4XL Stacker S4Stacker S2Stacker F1

Most of the times when you would like to reuse some filaments you already have in stock, you need to make sure the filaments are dry. Many materials are hygroscopic in nature and absorb moisture from atmospheric humidity. In order to avoid using wet filaments, it is always a good practice to dry the filament first before starting to use it for printing.

The F-Box comes in useful for such requirements. The F-BOX uses high performance color changing desiccant to quickly absorb the moisture away from your filament. The F-BOX is air tight and is designed to reduce the interior air volume. It is a custom designed drybox for 3D printer filament. It fits virtually EVERY spool on the market today. The F-BOX fits 1kg spools and smaller. The benefits of using the F-Box include:

• Reduces jamming
• Dramatically improves print quality and layer bond strength
• Works with all filament, especially needed for PLA, PETG, PVA (and other soluble support materials), and Nylon polymers.
• Keeps your filament dry, clean, and safe
• Helps reduce filament overrides (tangles)
• Closed loop dispensing through supplied tube keeps filament dry once it leaves the box.
• Save filament and reduce the need for reprints
• Stackable design saves space
• Worry free printing
• Saves you time and money
• Prevents PLA filament from breaking before it’s even extruded, very common with wet filament

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