• Medical Devices

3d printing of medical devices is an increasingly adoptive market. There are several use cases for 3d printing in medical device application

General instrumentation including life saving devices, monitoring devices and testing devices
instrumentation including surgical guides
Patient specific
implants such as cranial and
hip implants
External prosthesis
such as splints, supports, artificial limbs, etc.

Given below are some of the example applications
for medical devices using 3D printing

1. Monitoring and testing devices

Stratnel can help in 3D printing external enclosures and other key parts for medical devices. These can be used for testing, prototyping and small batch production. Since medical device market involves long lead times for acceptance, small batch production becomes important for these applications.

2. External prosthesis

3D printed prosthetics is used in several medical applications including artificial limbs and limb assist with motors, etc.

Here are some examples
of possible applications in medical
devices using 3D printing

FDM Examples
SLS Examples
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