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Investment casting involves pouring molten metal into wax patterns coated with ceramic slurry. The first part of this process is to make moulds into which wax gets injected to make wax patterns. The important part of investment casting is that the wax patterns are single use. During the process of making these parts, the pattern melts away and gets destroyed.

Investment casting or lost wax casting provides certain advantages over sand casting. Investment casting is more expensive than sand casting. But, the process provides thinner sections. It has better dimensional tolerance and finish. This method is better for casting complex, intricate and fine metal objects. It has a lot of adoption in the jewellery industry.

Tooling costs can be high for investment casting. A mould with fine details is used for injecting wax. This generates the wax patterns which are then coated with slurry. When baked at high temperatures, the slurry hardens and the wax melts. This creates a pattern for pouring metal.

The mould for making wax patterns is expensive, has long lead times and needs process control.



Additive manufacturing provides several advantages for Investment casting. The biggest advantage is the fact that one can do away with moulds. Additive manufacturing can straight away print patterns with fine details.

The mould making costs can be very high. So Investment Casting can be very expensive at low volumes. 3D printed patterns may cost more than wax patterns. But there is no need for moulds with 3D printing. So at low volumes, additive manufacturing can bring in economies.

The chart below shows how the process flow of
investment casting can be improved.

Investment Casting Traditional Flow

flow chart

Investment Casting 3D printing flow

flow chart

The other advantages that derive from using additive manufacturing for investment casting include:

Reduce the number of process steps, making the process more efficient.

No Mold cost

Increase yield with better process.

Reduce Lead time

Reduce lead times for manufacturing parts.

Cast complex parts

Take on more complex jobs.

Reduce no. of process steps

Additive manufacturing can handle higher complexities. So many parts can merge into a single design.

Increase Yield

No mould costs.

Combine multiple parts

Stratnel Investment Casting Patterns

Stratnel is a well established reputed supplier of Investment Casting patterns to several large and leading foundries, as well as pump and valve makers, in India. Our patterns have been well received and have helped our customers in being successful. Here are some testimonials from our customers:

  • Leading Investment Cast Foundry, GUJARAT:

    • We have been using Stratnel patterns for a long time. Quality of Stratnel patterns is very good.
    • Your patterns have good finish & good dimensional control.
    • This helps us to cast critical parts
    • Highly satisfied with after sales service.
    • We appreciate your high quality.
  • Specialized Non-ferrous Investment Cast Foundry, MAHARASHTRA:

    • We are one of the earliest adopters of Stratnel patterns – using for over six years.
    • We have procured hundreds of Stratnel patterns and continue to do so.
    • Stratnel patterns allow us to serve customers with low volumes/parts with intricate geometries.
    • Good quality, meeting delivery times and good after-sales-service.
  • Specialized Large Investment Cast Foundry, Gujarat:

    • Stratnel patterns (are) used by us for strategic and low volume castings.
    • They are a reliable partner
    • We wish to place on record their immense contribution in developing 3D patterns for our application in Aero, Defence and Medical industries.
  • Specialized Non-ferrous Inv Cast Foundry, Karnataka:

    • It was nice working with Stratnel while developing very critical & important investment castings using 3D printed patterns.
    • We found the workmanship, surface finish & accuracy is to our satisfaction.
    • The residual removal also was smooth without any problem after using these patterns.
    • We thank you for your swift response & timely support by prioritising the work which really helped us to maintain investment casting development timeline and execution to our customer satisfaction.
  • MNC Valve maker, Tamil Nadu:

    • Stratnel patterns are of very good quality, have excellent dimensional control and smooth finish.
    • We find it very useful for our prototyping needs as well as low volume requirements.
    • We also get very good tech support from Stratnel .
    • We receive all the part good packing condition, and Stranel has not failed in their delivery.
  • Valve maker, Tamilnadu:

    • From Stratnel, we find the following benefits.
      • Patterns are well tested and do not have leaks. The pattern integrity is excellent.
      • Patterns have a good finish.
      • We can now meet the needs of strategic customers with low volumes.
      • The patterns are delivered within a few days.
      • We are also highly satisfied with your after-sales service.

Here are some images of investment casting patterns
printed with Stacker3D S4

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