• Stratnel Profile

    Stratnel Technologies LLP is an engineering solutions provider using additive manufacturing technology, based in Bangalore. Stratnel is promoted and managed by seasoned industry veterans with several decades of engineering B2B services. Our holistic approach in coming up with engineering solutions to meet the demanding needs of our customers has helped us in winning and retaining our customers.

Who said
“Good, fast,
affordable –
choose any 2”?

Engineers firmly believe
that it’s possible to get only
any 2 out of 3.
The time has come to
change the rules.



Parts we ship from Stratnel are covered by 3 absolute criteria.


We have a rigorous
QA, to make sure we
ship only good parts.


We can get your
3D printed parts in
your hand in days.


Value for your money.
That is our promise.

Applications that we serve include the following:

for design validation
Production aids including patterns,
fixtures and jigs
Production parts designed
with DFAM, meant to be made using
an additive manufacturing process

Stratnel’s bureau services is characterized by a high commitment to delivering good quality parts at an affordable cost with short lead times. Our approach to problem solving involves looking at what solution would best meet our customer needs and offering advice to customers on the most optimistic solution available, whether such solution can be offered by Stratnel or not.

Our ability to understand, specify and deliver complex engineering solutions and our high degree of professionalism have helped us to stand out and be recognized as a key player in this field.

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