• How to profit with Stratnel Patterns?


    Stratnel supplies 3D printed polymer investment casting patterns to customers. Several large and major foundries in India buy patterns from us. Whether it’s in Rajkot or Bhavnagar or Pune or Coimbatore or Bangalore or Chennai or Dharwad….. Stratnel customers are most successful with the patterns we supply.

    We asked several of our foundry customers the same question.

    What is your reason for not making dies for Investment Casting?

    We got different answers from various customers.

    – Dies are expensive

    – Dies take a long time to debug and get right

    – Low volume needs – cannot justify die cost

    – My design is not yet validated. Changes with every iteration

    – I need some spares for my legacy machine. Maybe one or two.

    – My part is complex. Has overhangs, undercuts and thin walls.

    – I have a high mix of parts – several hundreds in fact. Not easy to maintain a huge archive consisting of dies for every part.

    – I work on architectural signage. My needs are unique for each project. The fonts are different, letter sizes are different, characters are different. I may end up with dozens of dies for each project. Doesn’t make sense to me. Stratnel patterns solved my problems.

    At Stratnel, customer success is our goal. We come up with innovative solutions to make our customers successful. Our patterns are of very good quality and finish. They have high integrity. Every pattern shipped by Stratnel goes through a stringent quality check.

    How are customers benefiting from Stratnel patterns? That depends on their special circumstance. Each case could be different. What we realise is that Stratnel 3d printed patterns are not meant for “run of the mill” cases. Major benefits to our customers include:
    – Cost savings by replacing dies
    – Faster time to market. Our patterns ship in a few days. They are fully finished and ready for shelling.
    – Prototyping of new parts is best done with 3D printing. Saves cost and time. Enables customers to have more number of iterations.
    – Complexity is not an issue for Stratnel patterns. Bring on your challenging designs!
    – We have no issues with low volumes. We ship only the quantity customer needs. Even 1 pattern is OK. We can handle all your design variations and size changes without batting an eyelid.
    – Architectural signage is a great example. Each pattern is unique. Needs very good finish. Our customers are quite happy with the patterns we supply. Cast metal signages made with Stratnel patterns are already installed in North America!

    Check us out. We will be happy to work with you to make you successful too!


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