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High strength all steel chassis

The key to high-performance 3D printing is having a chassis that is beyond rigid while also absorbing unwanted vibrations. This is where design and engineering cross paths. The Stacker chassis is formed with special AC Servo driven presses that are unmatched in precision repeatability, as well as maintaining the integrity of the steel during the bending process. Most parts are formed on the most advanced and modern punch presses by Trumpf. All parts are powder coated, not painted. Powder coating is much more environmentally friendly, and much more durable.

Precision built

All Stacker printers are built around a massive high precision custom building jig. In fact, the S4 chassis and building jig were designed together. That’s how important it is to get your things right. Essentially, the building jig ensures the X/Y plane is in the correct relationship to the Z plane. This is a lot easier said than done, and most other printers have no way of gauging this short of making a test print.

Made in the U.S.A.

A true Industrial Grade 3D printer should be assembled by a highly skilled workforce. The Stacker 3D printers are exclusively made in the U.S.A. The skill sets and technology needed to assemble precision high-quality 3D printers is abundantly available in the US and Stacker sticks to the proud tradition of manufacturing in the USA. This means high quality, reliability, and workmanship.

Print large parts with the Stacker S4

Print up to 4 parts at once

Model comparison

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  • 2 parts/build

  • Large print volume 390mm (X), 315mm (Y), 525mm (Z)

  • Optimized for high tech composite filaments like carbon fiber

  • Custom designed high temperature hot ends for smooth and reliable printing over wide range of materials

  • Change nozzle size easily from 0.25mm to 1.00mm

  • Strong and rigid steel frame construction

  • Precision ground heated aluminum print bed comes with our custom BuildTak bed coating

  • Integrated full locking casters

  • Industrial duty components

  • Includes Simplify3D Slicing Software

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