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* Avoid mold making costs

* Shorten development time

* Improve time to market

* We help you prototype faster



* Fixtures

    - Assembly

    - Gauging

* Masks

    - Conformal coating

    - Painting

    - Labeling



* Alignment tools

* Position gauges

* Hybrid gauges



* Shadow boards

* Part bins

* Assembly masks

* Display aids

* Signage, etc.


Medical Models

Life-size or reduced scale models from MRI or CT data for:
* Teaching

* Patient discussions

* Pre-surgery planning, etc.


Scale Models

* Architecture

* Large parts

* Concept validation

* Feasibility studies

* Project approvals

* Funding requests

Print large parts up to 500mm long or tall

Precision & Accuracy

Precision refers to how repeatable the parts can be. 
Accuracy represents nearness to target.

Typical accuracy for a 3D printed part can be ± 150 microns.
Better accuracies can be reached with iterations.

Precision and accuracy depend on shape and size of the part, material characteristics, printer capability, and process knowledge.


We offer several materials for use with our in-house FDM printers.

Expanded Name
Brief Properties
Polylactic AcidBiodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable sources such as corn starchDental implants, packaging materials, disposable tableware, etc.
Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneCommon thermoplastic polymer with high impact resistance and toughnessAutomotive trim components, electronic enclosures, crash helmets, keyboard key caps, etc.
Thermoplastic elastomerCopolymers with both thermoplastic and elastomeric propertiesAutomotive and household appliances.
PolycarbonateStrong, tough and high temperature resistanceElectronics, dome lights, automotive and aircraft windows, etc.
Polyethylene Terephthalate-Glycol modifiedTougher than ABS and higher heat resistanceFood grade plastics, clothing
Conductive PLA
Conductive Polylactic acidPLA with electrically conductive propertiesPrinted-in-place contacts, switches, and internal wiring traces.
High Temperature Polyethylene TerephthalateSimilar to PET-G, but with enhanced heat resistanceFood grade plastics, high temperature functional parts.
Carbon Fibre reinforced Polyethylene TerephthalateHigh strength and high modulus at lower weightAutomotive applications, aerospace applications.
Nylon *
PolyamideHigh strength and temperature resistance, light weightAutomotive engine applications, aerospace parts, sensors, gears, bearings.

* Coming soon

Choosing the right material for your application

For comparison purposes only

Arrange an appointment with one of our sales representatives !

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What Our Clients Say

  • “We needed a dome reflector for our systems. Off the shelf parts were expensive and our make shift alternatives were not of professional quality. Stratnel helped us to implement what we exactly wanted at an affordable cost, with very good quality and at the shortest possible time! They modified our design of the dome to suit 3D printing, ran through a couple of iterations with us, printed and delivered it within a few days.
    In addition, Stratnel also helped us out with other important parts for our machine – such as rollers, placement jigs and calibration plate holding fixtures. They showed us what was possible, designed and printed them for us. We congratulate K. Padmanabhan for his efforts in partnering with us!”
    Krishnan Ramabadran
    Founder & CEO
    Zentron Labs, Bangalore
    Manufacturers of inspection systems based on machine vision

  • There is a very good potential for doctors to use 3D printing to make models from scans of their patients. These models can then be used for several purposes including explaining the procedures to the patients, training the pre-surgical teams and preparing for surgery.
    We worked with Stratnel to generate some 3D medical models for concept proof. Padmanabhan was very proactive in supporting us. Together, we were able to very quickly turn a concept into a physical model. I was surprised at the speed of the execution. I am quite happy to recommend Stratnel for their additive manufacturing expertise.
    Aarthi Scans and Labs
    One of India's largest outpatient imaging networks,
    with around 20 
    branches in South India.

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